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Technology Workshops

Technology For Do-Gooders

Digital Technology for Do-Gooders: Telling Your Story Better

Nonprofits can no longer afford to rely on what they’ve done in the past to communicate what they do and connect with a new generation of donors, volunteers and advocates. This engaging series of workshops will provide you and your staff with the critical skills you need to embrace new technology—for Good!

Learn how to integrate technology into your day-to-day operations and be introduced to some of the best tools available that are free or almost free. Used smartly, technology offers innovative solutions that can help us all do more with less. Find out how to supercharge your social media efforts and public relations campaigns, and to create impactful presentations and effective marketing.

Choose from the topics below or request your own:

  • White Space is Beautiful: From PowerPoint to Prezi, create presentations people will stay awake through.
  • Share. Because Your Mom Told You To. Get your head in the Clouds and share effortlessly with a few nifty digital tools.
  • Content Rules. What, you don’t have a content strategy?
  • Banish Clipart and say no to cheesy stock photos! Think about it. Compelling images Spark Advocacy!
  • Create a Website that Welcomes and Wows. Think easy, conversational and attractive, kind of like a good date.
  • To Blog or Not to Blog. That is the Question.
  • Facebook and Twitter. No, your intern should not be managing your social media.
  • Email Netiquette. Minding your Ps and Qs online.
  • PR 101. Stop being a wallflower, get noticed and get engaged!
  • Monitor Your Efforts because ROI Matters. It’s not as hard as you think. Promise.
  • Write Good Grants. You will rise to the top like fresh cream on a cup of fair trade, sustainably grown organic coffee.

Sessions run approximately one hour plus time for one-on-one Q & A. They can be presented as a series of one-hour workshops or as half-day, full-day or evening sessions.

Email me to design a program that will work for you.

Feedback from recent participants:

“Lori’s presentations are always informative and I walk away with concrete ideas on my next step forward!”

“Lori’s presentations are very practical with great videos and examples and lots of detailed information.”

“Great use of examples, I used some tips from your PowerPoint session and got great feedback on my presentation!”

“It was great having an interactive presentation with demonstrations for easier understanding.”

“Lori is a great presenter! She is very easy to listen to and very knowledgeable.”

“Lori is a practical, easy listening presenter. Her presentation is clear and easy to follow. I like the format. It’s nice to chat as a group to learn and gain feedback.” 

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